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ETABS USER’S MANUAL Three Dimensional Analysis and Design of Building Systems

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Judul Buku : ETABS USER’S MANUAL Three Dimensional Analysis and Design of Building Systems
Penulis : -
Penerbit : Computers and Structures, Inc.
Tahun : 1999
Bahasa : Bahasa Inggris
Halaman : 895 h
Format File : pdf
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Ringkasan :
Organization of This Manual
We have tailored the content of all of the ETABS manuals more toward a design engineer than a computer analyst. This manual is divided into six parts in two separate volumes that are described below :
Volume 1
Chapters 1 through 3: General introduction and information on installation and getting help. This is the "Getting Started" portion of the manual.
Chapters 4 through 6: A general overview of ETABS. Chapter 6 provides useful information about how to create models in ETABS.
Chapters 7 through 19: Detailed discussion of each of the ETABS menus.

Volume 2
Chapters 20 through 33: Additional detailed information on selected ETABS topics.
Chapters 34 through 44: Documentation of the analysis output for ETABS.

Deskripsi :
Volume 1 Contents
Chapter List
Expanded Table of Contents
Introduction and Getting Started Information
   Chapter 1 Introduction
   Chapter 2 Installation
   Chapter 3 Getting Help
   General Overview of ETABS
   Chapter 4 The ETABS Graphical User Interface
   Chapter 5 Overview of an ETABS Model
   Chapter 6 ETABS Modeling Tips
The ETABS Menus
   Chapter 7 Overview of the ETABS Menus
   Chapter 8 The ETABS File Menu
   Chapter 9 The ETABS Edit Menu
   Chapter 10 The ETABS View Menu
   Chapter 11 The ETABS Define Menu
   Chapter 12 The ETABS Draw Menu
   Chapter 13 The ETABS Select Menu
   Chapter 14 The ETABS Assign Menu
   Chapter 15 The ETABS Analyze Menu
   Chapter 16 The ETABS Display Menu
   Chapter 17 The ETABS Design Menu
   Chapter 18 The ETABS Options Menu
   Chapter 19 The ETABS Help Menu

Volume 2 Contents
Chapter List
Expanded Table of Contents
The ETABS Menus
   Chapter 20 Units
   Chapter 21 Coordinate Systems
   Chapter 22 Story Level Data
   Chapter 23 Area Objects
   Chapter 24 Line Objects
   Chapter 25 Point Objects
   Chapter 26 Groups and Section Cuts
   Chapter 27 Load Cases, Load Combinations and Mass
   Chapter 28 Automatic Seismic Loads
   Chapter 29 Automatic Wind Loads
   Chapter 30 Automatic Meshing of Area and Line Objects
   Chapter 31 Manual Meshing of Area Objects
   Chapter 32 Transformation of Loads into the ETABS Analysis Model
   Chapter 33 Overview of ETABS Analysis Techniques
   Chapter 34 Point Object Output Conventions
   Chapter 35 Frame Element Output Conventions
   Chapter 36 Shell Element Output Conventions
   Chapter 37 Link Element Output Conventions
   Chapter 38 Wall Pier and Spandrel Output Conventions
   Chapter 39 Section Cut Output Conventions
   Chapter 40 Printed Input Tables
   Chapter 41 Printed Output Tables
   Chapter 42 Database Input/Output Tables
   Chapter 43 The ETABS Log and Out Files
   Chapter 44 Inserting ETABS Output into Written Reports
Introduction to the ETABS Design Postprocessors
   Chapter 45 Steel Frame Design
   Chapter 46 Concrete Frame Design
   Chapter 47 Composite Beam Design
   Chapter 48 Shear Wall Design
Appendix 1 - The ETABS Menu Structure

Link Download : - ETABS USER’S MANUAL

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Judul : ETABS USER’S MANUAL Three Dimensional Analysis and Design of Building Systems
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